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Designed for g-spot finesse, the Cold Mistress offers a grip that is both powerful and precise. It is perfect for couples play as it engages both the body and imagination in a strong statement. For solo play, you can control the entire range of motion with your fingertip and the weight balance of the stone will take care of the rest.


The Cold Mistress is 10" long x 1.25" deep with a 1.5" breadth.


The Lustre is the our only dual-headed kouros and can provide deep intimate massage from either end or both. Its artful detailing and playful personality make it natural for partner play, g-spot and prostate stimulation. We hear the contoured face is perfect for clitoral stimulation as well.


The Lustre is 10" long x 1.35" deep with a 2" breadth.



This is our favorite for both its elegant reach and how perfectly it fits the hand for a little self indulgence. The unique, bent arc gives the Archer a special advantage for an effortless g-spot or prostate massage. Above the crest, we've included a textured fingerhold, which is all you need during play for control over the entire range of the experience.


The Archer is 10" long x 1.25" circumference with a 4" arc.




These cubes are hand wrought from marble and feature a range of surface textures from chiseled rough to rounded smooth to hard corner scrape that you can heat and cool to stimulate your lover's skin, a wonderful playground and sensual palette that responds wildly to changes in temperature and texture.


Ideal for massage with oils.


1" cubed, set of 2